Welcome to the SubnauticaMC website.

Server IP: play.subnauticamc.com

SubnauticaMC is an island survival Minecraft server for all versions of Minecraft between 1.8 and 1.12.

Be sure to join our discord server for the most up to date announcements and discussions about the server!

On the Vote Page you can vote for the server on up to 10 minecraft server listing websites, and get rewarded for up to 3 each day.

Go to the Appeal Page if you wish contact us to appeal any punishment you have received within the server.

Our Discord: discord.subnauticamc.com (open in browser*)

Twitter: twitter.subnauticamc.com

Store: store.subnauticamc.com

To contact us, don't hesitate to either send an email to subnauticamc@gmail.com or contact a member of staff, either in-game, or on our discord server.

* if the browser discord link does not work you can connect directly using discord.gg/p33Hf5F